Some software Projects I have worked on


WatDis is a system for the analysis of water pressure distributions networks. The software allows engineers to evaluate the behavior of the pipe network and to evaluate its performance. WatDis is able to model several hydraulic elements. Starting with simple components like demand nodes and pipes, it goes to more sophisticate ones like pumps, pumping stations, valves and tanks. Users can work with demands patterns to analyze the behavior of hydraulic properties (pressure, flow) in a given time period. WatDis has two methods of hydraulic analysis: steady state regime and EPS (extended period simulation). Also is able to work with several head loss formulas.


AutoJMH is a tool that takes as input one segment of code (belonging to an existing program) and one training execution (could be a unit test run for example) and builds full JMH microbenchmark for the segment. The tool generates the JMH class and then places the segment code inside the wrapper method, fully generating the microbenchmark. AutoJMH also initializes the variables of the microbenchmark and perform a series of analysis to automatically avoid common microbenchmarking pitfalls. AutoJMH on Github

Diversity ToolKit

Sosie Generator is a tool to generate synthetic program variations at the source code level. These variations, called sosies (from the French “looks alike”), are built to perform different computations than the original program, yet exhibit the same expected functionality.  Diversity on Github.

Controller Genius

Controller Genius is a plugin that greatly enhances the work with controllers in 3ds Max. It provides a new better way to access and operate on controllers, a way that breaks many existing limitations, so it makes the process of rigging way faster and way easier, and yet incredibly powerful.

Aorta 4D Flow

Aorta 4D Flow a medical imaging tool tailored to the human aorta. The tool is able to segment the aorta using PC-MRI images. Also, Aorta 4D Flow is able to visualize and quantify the blood flow.

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