Answering to Spam is so fun!

Dear  ”Marcelino Rodriguez Cancio”
We are hereby to provide you the lowest possible price for your vehicle shipment. Here is the information you have requested the quote to ship your vehicle.Origin : Miami, FL, 33101
Destination : Nashville, TN, 37201
Make/Model : Nissan, 350Z
Carrier Type : open
Vehicle Running : Running
Type of Service : Door to DoorPrice after discounts & Savings: $395Click Here to Complete your Order: [link] Our carrier goes in your area twice a week. Our price including all taxes, tolls, door to door service and insurance of your vehicle with all shipping cost. We guarantee no hidden charges, no surprises. We are providing you the best possible price without compromising the quality of the service you will receive. Please call or text us to pick up your vehicle ASAP.Regards,
James Grey
Auto Shipping America
Phone # 818-643-7112


Hello James,

Thanks for contacting me!
If the car is red the price is the same?
Yes Definately.

when you want to move your vehicle?

The thing is that I have some chickens in my Nissan 350z now. I love my chickens and I’m afraid that they would be stressed and such.

Do you have drivers with 9 CFR licence?
Thanks you!

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Saw the picture? Aren’t they lovely?
Yeah They are lovely but they will not secure on Truck you know Driver will not able to move chickens with your car

Oh. That is too bad. :(

How about if they promise to behave?
you see, when I bought the car, I made a promise to my chickens that I would not love the car more than I love them.
Can you help me with that?
So Sorry For that.
I Don’t know any one who will bring the chickens with car.
Can you guys transport just the chickens then?

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